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Singapore Tuition Centre Add Math Problem Sums. Completing The Square

We teach Math in the same way as an apprentice learns, here’s a tool for you, we teach and guide you, that’s what you can do with the tool then memorise its uses. Then go onto explaining in depth the reasons why, how, what and when they can use it. Practice, be adept, master the new skill. Incorporate in the examinations. Score an A1.

A subset of Quadratic Equations, we have completing the square. Also connected to Sec 3 E Math syllabus, so again, get up to speed to make sure you can complete the square properly.

And we get to this question. It is pretty straight forward. This Add Math Completing the Square first question is a prep for the follow through in the next question. Get the first answer right, make sure of it so you don’t carry errors across. Then compare it to the second one. They give enough information to compare but not enough to figure it out at first. So transpose it to be able to compare. At the end, you need to logically explain why the discriminant will never be negative and creates two distinct points. With that, It is not that difficult to get that A1 in Add Math right? Little bit of reasoning and get it right.

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Having a tool is not the end all. That is not going to help apprentices to excel in their craft. They need to understand the tools given to them and where to apply that tool in the order given to make it work. The complexities are abound to fix something that is broken and to make it work again. The process of fault finding require understanding. It requires intimate knowledge of the cogs and gears meshing together to make the machine whole. So tools aren’t enough to fix the machine, the expertise in the machine is. That requires a lot of understanding. With our Additional Mathematics Tutor, we help you understand Add Mathematics before attempting the questions. We’ll also do sums together with you to help you figure out the sums step-by-step. 

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