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Free Test Papers Add Maths Prelim Questions with Answers. Cubic Equations

Cubics, in 3 Dimensions now. Let’s do this question from a higher level of understanding. Let’s be an Add Math A1 student. How? Well, I’m gonna do the answer better than anyone else. Ok, Cubic Equations. So every time there is a cube in an equation, we would want to be able solve it. The way is to get a factor from Factor Theorem. Then we can use long division to find the Quadratic Equation. After which, we can start using the answer to part i) to do part ii). The trick is to see the similarities between the two. First thing to master this Additional Mathematics question is by knowing how to do Sec 2 Quadratic Equations. That is the prelude to this massive question. The ideas are the same. Its just a step up to figure out what is the extra factor we need.

Again, for our classes, sms/whatsapp +65 87870198 for our small groups tutorials. Of course, we want that A1 so let’s get going Tiger Moms!

Our Secondary Math classes will be a place for contemplation, to be taught Mathematics that will hold the attention of our students as we tell them our own experiences and how each topic has helped us in our own life. Mentoring students and being a hero with passion and achieving success are the best way to show them how to be winners in every endeavour. The knowledge that something they learn will be useful to them shall help them to focus and hold their attention to the Mathematica logic being imparted in Math tutorials.

Mentoring students to be good in Mathematics also requires us to be their confident ally and have them actively engage in our Math tutorials. Resolving doubts, fears and any variables during class helps our Math students to be calm and resolute. Power comes from the ability to control emotions, and to solve questions in a stressful examination. During class, students will get a chance to do sums that ramps up in difficulty until they get overstretched. Then we’ll pull a safety net out for them to fall softly and we’ll run through those questions. Every question gets its day, is explained to full understanding, and worked till no one misunderstands it. Active learning and making mistakes create an experience. Knowing where one can fall, and get it wrong in the safety of our Math tutorial emulates how one can go wrong in examinations before attempting one.

Fall now, learn from it, and get it right during the examination. That is the feedback loop that we want from our students. Being taught something new and alien, learn it, process it and then dabble in it. Ask questions when stumped, and share when they know. Evaluate, recalibrate and be correct at the end. To start from zero and end up heroes. That closes the circle of our future winners. A good habit worth keeping.

Kneading sourdough bread requires us to create a sourdough starter, with 7 days of cultivation before we have a good leaven. Then get all the percentages right, flour, 70% water, and salt and knead it at the right temperature. Kneading dough makes the dough stronger and with every stage helps the dough to achieve its finality of being bread. Get it wrong, and we start all over again. So many parameters to learn. So much patience and work to get flour into a loaf of bread. The bread certainly looks easy sitting there on the rack in a bakery. A $10 note gets you that good loaf. But what happened before that, is a lot of blood and sweat.

Studying is quite the same. Hard work and lots of practice create the final product. Being critical of mistakes, analysing skills, refining techniques and achieving the desired results. Finally be a good judge of their new knowledge to use when needed, especially during examinations. From a bedlam of complex mathematics and turn it into an organised proficiency residing in the tranquillity of our mind. That is the consolidation of our Math student’s learning process in our tutorials. Strong, nourishing, mindful sustenance to keep our brain in good health.

We teach, you learn and understand, then we practice, after that, you memorise, and finally, you score. Chronologically, calmly, resolve blunders by experiment. Learning from falling, and circumnavigating it during examinations. That is our Mathematics strategy. Add to that, there’s an open line to us 24/7/365 so our Math students can instantly clear their doubts. Need to get that last few marks in the Math examinations and get full marks, not a problem. We are always at hand to teach it. By the way, we push for A1 distinctions in the examinations for all our students. If someone can do it, so can everyone else. Properly prepared and trained to do well in examinations are part and parcel of our Add Math tuition.

Passionate educator, adventurer and trying to get things done in a rather large world. Spends time doing something about it.

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