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Bite Size Practice Additional Mathematics #2 (Simultaneous Equations Coordinate Geometry)

Simultaneous Equations Exam Questions for our online lessons. Free downloads of Add Math Simultaneous Equations with Answers. The following A Math question are from past year school teachers, each question is selected for students to add to their arsenal to tackle GCE O level Add Math examinations. Additional Mathematics questions here have suggested answers for students to attempt first and check their working later to gain insights into the sums.

We have typified the A Math questions into different categories that are common and helps all A Math students to learn variations in GCE O level’s A Math exams.

Simultaneous Equations and Coordinate Geometry

The question below is testing the A Math skill of graph knowledge and using simultaneous equations to find two points of intersection on the graph. After that, there is a formula for mid point and use that to find the midpoint of that two points.

The work for every A Math student is to understand, to practice, and then to memorise. That is the 3 main groups of study habits that gets you an A1 in Add Math examinations. Get someone to teach you properly if you don’t understand. Then take it all in, understand the intricacies of the topic and its connections to other topics. We actually have hybrid questions in Additional Maths examinations, so topics in Add Math like Quadratic Equations and Differentiation can be put together within a sum, so those connections need to be established. Be holistic in learning and connect as you learn more and more. The in and outs gets you the grades, because the paper is looking for students that have the ability to connect and use knowledge. Memorise, that the most important component of studying. It stops leakage. Why spend all the effort, money, time, blood and sweat just to forget all of it? Its so painful! Then we all start dragging out this word “Revise” and its use is to redo all of this studying and doing sums all over again. That is another set of effort, money, time, blood and sweat that we didn’t need in the first place. We really have to cut down on the revision part, if fact, “No Revision” should be inculcated a study habit. But that is if you memorise and put every Add Math knowledge into your memory palace. That way, no time and effort is wasted and also helps us to feel lighter in the mind, without out mind having the baggage of forgetfulness.

The next Additional Mathematics question with answer for you to download and practice is from St Theresa’s 2017 Prelim paper. We included a graph and how it cuts for you to understand how this question works. It is not difficult once you can visualise this question and see what the question is asking for.

Keep calm during the days before an exam. Additional Mathematics examinations for the GCE O levels are set in a way for students to be well prepared before the GCE O levels starts. Usually the A Math paper appears somewhere in the mid to the end part of the examinations, so there will not be a lot of time to study it as other subjects will take most of the blasts in the first week of examinations. It is basically an exam if attrition, by the time we reach mid of the GCE O levels exams, a lot of the endurance would have left students and requires a marathoner’s attitude to push to the end. Its a mental game from then on. So, keep calm, maintain, push through. We do teach our Add Math students to endure the lengthy examinations, with exam preparation starting 6 months before the GCE O levels Add Math papers. With the training, they will be quite prepared to have everything they need before the exams starts. Then it’s all Eliud Kipchoge endurance to power through. We train to get an A1 for the GCE O levels Add Math examination, so give us a call at +65 87870198 for the latest available schedules.

In our Additional Mathematics tuition, we use both hardware, software and social technology to help students to learn better and faster. A well designed class always pays off in the long run, and we engineer our Additional Mathematics tutorials not only with the latest hardware but also communicate effectively with our students to get them to think effectively towards the ideas presented in math tutorials. We don’t only incorporate a physical class into our Additional Mathematics programme, we have virtual classrooms that boosts tutorial times either in the form of Zoom lessons, WhatsApp Messaging or just a quick call to clear their problems.

We teach Math in the same way as an apprentice learns, here’s a tool for you, we teach and guide you, that’s what you can do with the tool then memorise its uses. Then go onto explaining in depth the reasons why, how, what and when they can use it. Practice, be adept, master the new skill. Incorporate in the examinations. Score an A1.

Having a tool is not the end all. That is not going to help apprentices to excel in their craft. They need to understand the tools given to them and where to apply that tool in the order given to make it work. The complexities are abound to fix something that is broken and to make it work again. The process of fault finding require understanding. It requires intimate knowledge of the cogs and gears meshing together to make the machine whole. So tools aren’t enough to fix the machine, the expertise in the machine is. That requires a lot of understanding. With our Additional Mathematics Tutor, we help you understand Add Mathematics before attempting the questions. We’ll also do sums together with you to help you figure out the sums step-by-step. 

Our Singapore Maths lessons will be engaging our students to be learning A Maths in a fun way and shall be beneficial to their school work. We don’t rest on our laurels as years roll past because we know what is taught is just going to go faster, so we adapt and we keep ourselves at the forefront with our Math classes. Teaching ahead of all schools are our priority and helps Math students to be confident and have clarity in school lessons. Knowing they have learnt the best techniques augments confidence. Having a candid mindset to what lies ahead helps us to plan and solve our Math student’s problems as we know the requirements for them to do well individually and to do Math with efficiency. 

Passionate educator, adventurer and trying to get things done in a rather large world. Spends time doing something about it.

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