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Bite Size Practice Additional Mathematics #3 (Surds)

Surds for GCE O levels Additional Mathematics Questions with answers for download. For our online lessons, this surd question is an Add Math question that we use to teach our students the common usage to solve questions with the least use of calculators in the GCE O level Add Math examinations. Surds are taught in the Indices/Logarithm chapters in the Add Math textbooks.

The question uses the knowledge of area of a rectangle, with the suggested answer below to help students to solve the sum. The method is to use the formula for area of rectangle, substitute the relevant dimensions into the formula and work through the the numbers. Be sure that the final answer is in rationalised form to score full marks.

Our Secondary Math classes will be a place for contemplation, to be taught Mathematics that will hold the attention of our students as we tell them our own experiences and how each topic has helped us in our own life. Mentoring students and be a hero with passion and achieving successes are the best way to show them how to be winners in every endeavour. With the knowledge that something they learn will be useful to them shall help them to focus and hold their attention to the Mathematical logic being imparted in Math tutorials. 

Next question is from Chung Cheng High 2020 Prelim Add Math papers. This A Math question is a typical question of Quadratic Equations and part b) is a surd question. Also, typical and should be easy peasy. Just make sure to have the surds multiplied properly. For Additional Mathematics, surds have to be rationalised for the answers. The GCE O levels Additional Mathematics examinations are stringent in marking so make sure your working has everything in it to get the marks.

Another question for surds, is this Swiss Cottage 2020 question. And we will use the Area of Triangle to solve this. Then use all the values given to work out the height of the triangle. It is so good and satisfying to get this question correct because it is worth 3 marks and it uses a Primary 6 equation to do a Sec 3 Add Math question. All those work done in PSLE pays off even all the way to Sec 3. So never underestimate things we have learnt in the past… Nice! Do not forget you need rationalise all your answers yes? Now enjoy!

Mentoring students to be good in Mathematics also requires us to be their confident ally and have them actively engage in our Math tutorials. Resolving doubts, fears and any variables during class helps our Math students to be calm and resolute. Power comes from the ability to control emotions, and to solve questions in a stressful examination. During class, students will get a chance to do sums that ramps up in difficulty until they get overstretched. Then we’ll pull a safety net out for them to fall softly and we’ll run through those questions. Every question gets its day, explained to full understanding, worked till no one misunderstands it. Active learning and making mistakes creates experience. Know where one can fall, get it horribly wrong in the safety of our Math tutorial emulates how one can go wrong in examinations before attempting one. 

Fall now, learn from it, and get it right during the examination. That is the feedback loop that we want from our students. Being taught something new and alien, learn it, process it and then dabble in it. Ask questions when stumped, share when they know. Evaluate, recalibrate and be correct at the end. To start from zero and end up heroes. That closes the circle of our future winners. A good habit worth keeping. 

Next, this MGS 2020 Prelim Add Math question in our physical class for surds starts with a cylinder and its dimensions. Quite typically, we need to work back those dimensions as volume is given. As usual, do not forget to reduce your answers into rational form.

The work for every A Math student is to understand, to practice, and then to memorise. That is the 3 main groups of study habits that gets you an A1 in Add Math examinations. Get someone to teach you properly if you don’t understand. Then take it all in, understand the intricacies of the topic and its connections to other topics. We actually have hybrid questions in Additional Maths examinations, so topics in Add Math like Quadratic Equations and Differentiation can be put together within a sum, so those connections need to be established. Be holistic in learning and connect as you learn more and more. The in and outs gets you the grades, because the paper is looking for students that have the ability to connect and use knowledge. Memorise, that the most important component of studying. It stops leakage. Why spend all the effort, money, time, blood and sweat just to forget all of it? Its so painful! Then we all start dragging out this word “Revise” and its use is to redo all of this studying and doing sums all over again. That is another set of effort, money, time, blood and sweat that we didn’t need in the first place. We really have to cut down on the revision part, if fact, “No Revision” should be inculcated a study habit. But that is if you memorise and put every Add Math knowledge into your memory palace. That way, no time and effort is wasted and also helps us to feel lighter in the mind, without out mind having the baggage of forgetfulness.

Ok last one for this page before I create a new one so look around for other questions that is indices on this website. Here’s one from St Margaret’s 2020 Prelim and another straight forward surd question manipulation and rationalise it. Get use to this question and make sure the end has the right answer. Not too difficult Add Math question if you look at the answer.

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