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Bite Size Practice Additional Mathematics #6 (Partial Fractions)

Add Math Partial Fractions Practice Papers for Additional Mathematics available for download with answers. Partial Fractions are used to reverse putting two fractional algebraic expressions together. Also used heavily in Integration for Sec 4 Add Math, gaining mastery of Partial fractions will be useful now.

To learn Add Math, we have provided these questions download and practice. Discovery, initiative and cultivating a love for mathematics in our Add Math classes, we explain to our students why they are presented with Additional Mathematics topics like logarithms, binomial theorem and calculus. Mathematical concepts that seem abstract, will conflate us if no one explains the reason to us, if we don’t understand what we are being taught and why topics like indices and integration is included in our school syllabus shall be unravelled in class and given a reason. To show whatever they learnt in Add Math has its actual use in every day life helps us to lower the bar, and thus make Additional Mathematics as easy as A,B, C. For classes, message us at +65 87870198

The next question is Additional Mathematics Partial Fractions from Swiss Cottage’s 2020 Prelim Paper. It has 6 marks allocated to this Add Math question so getting everything right is important. Making a mistake early on will cause a loss of marks very early on in this A Math lesson. First, use the right form to create the partial fraction. Then go about looking for A, B and C. It is not difficult once you find the right numbers to substitute into the equation. Then it is all cruising from there. The idea is to scrub all the variables away. Get rid of as many things you can so that it becomes as early as possible. You can do that why substituting certain values of x. The included answer shows you how. Our Add Math Questions have answers that we check and make sure it is as easy as possible to understand for you. Then once you understand how choosing the values of x gets you to what you want, you can use this method to other questions that are setup the same way. This is actually quite a fun question, and it helps you to understand how a certain value of x helps you to get another parameter. Not bad of to get the 6 marks into your pocked to achieve a distinction in your examinations.

Singapore Additional Mathematics tutorials is taught from scratch, with our A Math small group tutorials based on understanding Additional Mathematic topics presented in easy to follow tutorials engineered in accordance to the latest GCE O levels Syllabus. Add Math Classes are 1.5 hours long, with all Additional Mathematic materials provided including 24/7/365 support via WhatsApp/SMS with the tutor for the times that students need immediate rectification of math problems and clearing complex concepts that require further explanations. Inclusive Add Math tuition for our Singapore’s Secondary students.

The next Partial Fraction Add Math question is from MGS 2020 Prelim. It is a standard Partial Fraction question and it is just a matter of getting the right Partial Fraction to fit and its getting the A, B and C’s by comparison or long division. Whichever you are comfortable with, but it is always good to know every possible way to do this sum. .

The last Add Math Partial Fraction question in this post before we do another future post is from St Margaret’s 2020 Prelim. It is a similar question to the Partial Fraction questions above so the same Add Math technique can be used to solve this sum. Look for other posts as we wrap up this last question. Don’t forger, we will be updating more as we continue to help you all to do well in your GCE O level examinations.

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