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Bite Size Practice Additional Mathematics #10 (Logarithm)

Next question with answer is from Anderson Secondary 2020. There’s 2 Logarithmic questions here. Add Math Question 4a) is a log question that requires substitution and manipulation of algebra to get the answer. Add Math Question 4b) is a Logarithmic Equation question that is based on change of base. Then its a quadratic equation that has two answers. Check, because one of the answers are not agreeable to the requirements of the question.

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Ok the next question is a Chung Cheng Question and it is not too bad. Know the rules of Logarithm in Add Math and then the manipulation to get the answer. It is then comparing the LHS with the RHS to make retain an algebra equation which you can solve right after. Part 2 is not too bad, there is a change of base, with the hint given if you look at the bases. They are both different, Change the base, move the terms around and you will get the answers.

We teach everything in Additional Mathematics starting from the basics so that our students understand all required Add Math fundamentals and gain a good momentum before ramping up the ability to attempt advanced questions. We will work through the textbook and move onto practice questions from past year papers so that our students gain the expertise needed to get A1 in their examinations. Carefully curated to individual Add Math student’s learning pace, class instructions are carefully graduated for students to complete their syllabus ahead of their examinations. Result oriented classes are demanding but fairly paced, with students garnering essential study skills along the way to prepare them for further studies in university and the school of life.

Next Add Math logarithm question with answer is from St Margaret’s 2020 Prelim paper. The A Math question asks for logarithmic rules and the ability to visualise it all the way to the end leaving it in h and k instead of a numerical solution. Do not worry, have the right techniques, and carry on.

Additional Mathematics Small Group tuition are always taught in advance of school schedules. This shall allow our students to anticipate Add Math classes in their respective schools and beforehand, gain a deeper insight into Add Math topics ahead of their cohort. To be at the forefront of their school curriculum allows students to gain ground, do their school work with relative ease and have a good boost in confidence when attempting their GCE O levels. Disciplined coaching with our experienced guidance will help our students to install all required knowledge to handle Additional Mathematics questions in their examinations.

Discovery, initiative and cultivating a love for mathematics in our Add Math classes, we explain to our students why they are presented with Additional Mathematics topics like logarithms, binomial theorem and calculus. Mathematical concepts that seem abstract, will conflate us if no one explains the reason to us, if we don’t understand what we are being taught and why topics like indices and integration is included in our school syllabus shall be unravelled in class and given a reason. To show whatever they learnt in Add Math has its actual use in every day life helps us to lower the bar, and thus make Additional Mathematics as easy as A,B, C. 

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