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Bite Size Practice Additional Mathematics #9 (Rates of Change Differentiation)

Another set of Questions with Answers for Differentiation. This A Math question is all about connected rates of change. Using Chain Rule in differentiation, we can solve sums that connects parameters like rate of change Area with Volume. We would require a certain link between one parameter, then to use the Chain Rule to figure out the rate of change for another parameter. First thing is to have all the information written down, then like a jigsaw puzzle, put it in its place and algebra the We tried really hard to help by color coding all the answers to the questions. Also, check out how the flow works in the answers given, it helps to put the workflow into perspective. Making sure you understand your lessons before attempting this question. Enjoy!

Following GCE O levels Add Math requirements, you can sign up for our lessons by sending us an SMS/Whatsapp +65 87870198.

Our Add Math classes requires the constant improvement needed to keep ahead of the pack requires us to evolve our A Math teaching skills to suit our student’s needs. Parents will be astonished at how much more work and complexity our education system has incorporated when they look at their kids textbooks. Times have changed. Schools teach at least 1 year faster now than 10 years ago. What used to be in Sec 2 is now taught in Sec 1. In fact, for A Math, some of the topics are from GCE A’ levels. Plus, it depends on the schools as well, with some advanced schools doing 2 years ahead of schedule to keep their students on their toes. 

Next question is from Swiss Cottage’s 2020 Prelim Paper. This time round, we are combining a 3D figures with 2D concepts of similar triangles. Find the parameters of its dimension and then you can start on its rate of change.

Our Singapore Maths lessons will be engaging our students to be learning A Maths in a fun way and shall be beneficial to their school work. We don’t rest on our laurels as years roll past because we know what is taught is just going to go faster, so we adapt and we keep ourselves at the forefront with our Math classes. Teaching ahead of all schools are our priority and helps Math students to be confident and have clarity in school lessons. Knowing they have learnt the best techniques augments confidence. Having a candid mindset to what lies ahead helps us to plan and solve our Math student’s problems as we know the requirements for them to do well individually and to do Math with efficiency. 

We now have MGS 2020 Prelim Question on Connected rates of change. Asking students to differentiate an A Math equation and then moving on to getting the range of a curve to have only increasing values by logically deducing which parts of the equation are causing the curve to increase or decrease. The last part is where we use Chain Rule to find the connected rates of change for that curve given.

Mentoring students to be good in Mathematics also requires us to be their confident ally and have them actively engage in our Math tutorials. Resolving doubts, fears and any variables during class helps our Math students to be calm and resolute. Power comes from the ability to control emotions, and to solve questions in a stressful examination. During class, students will get a chance to do sums that ramps up in difficulty until they get overstretched. Then we’ll pull a safety net out for them to fall softly and we’ll run through those questions. Every question gets its day, explained to full understanding, worked till no one misunderstands it. Active learning and making mistakes creates experience. Know where one can fall, get it horribly wrong in the safety of our Math tutorial emulates how one can go wrong in examinations before attempting one. 

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