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Free A Math Questions with Answers. Additional Mathematics Indices and Simultaneous Equations #12

One more down the hatch, Indices with a sprinkle of Simultaneous Equations to boot. Spicy! Add Math tuition with a twist, let’s gain mastery of this question. First, Indices rules, 9 of them from E Math needs to be memorised. Get your practices in for E Math before doing this, as A Math versions require the finesse to manoeuvre across all those rules. If not, it will feel like climbing Mount Everest without oxygen, breathtaking! So what’s next? Think algebra rules and equations. Make sure you imagine natural number “e” as just another number (2.718….) Ok. Now, move it! And make it start looking easier and easier. That’s the idea. Immediately make it as easy as possible and you are on the right path.

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When doing A Math Indices questions, it can get confusing because there’s 9 rules plus the different methods for the equations. Main thing is to be quite good at those 9 rules. Do not let it overcome you. Understand all of it, know how it moves around and changes so you are quite familiar with how it all works. Then it is onto looking at the path you can take. In Add Math, it will look really tough at the beginning and that is because the path is not clear. Fog of War, where we are not sure where things are beyond the veil. Let’s try to do this question once, and then repeat it. Figure the path once, and the next time you do it, it will look familiar. That is the wisdom you gain. One way to get A1 in Add Math is to do the same question a few times to gain experience and gather your thoughts.

The very first thing we realised in our 20+ years of teaching Add Math in Singapore, and the main problem for students attempting Additional Mathematics, is not the reason that Additional Mathematics is difficult and complex, but, it is because students don’t know why they are given the subject to do in school and in itself, makes Add Math not have a relevance to our life. Students need to know why they are learning A Math and how it can help them in their life. When they cannot relate their school classes to their everyday life, they won’t see a reason to incorporate these concepts into their psyche, as it feels like its not useful and quite irrelevant to their future endeavours. 

The next Sec 4 Add Math Indices question with answer for you to download comes from St Margaret’s Secondary 2020 Prelim. It is a substitution question so identify where you need to substitute for the equation. Then it turns into a quadratic equation so solve that, make sure the answer to that can be used to solve the original indices question. Then solve it, with logarithms. Done! Another method in your pocket.

Being current with a new 21st Century education requires us to reconstitute new fresh perspectives to a rather old subject, and to help the next generation to appreciate and learn Additional Mathematics, even if Additional Mathematics seems like a relic of the Industrial Revolution of the 19th Century. Evolving our classwork approach constantly by refreshing our teaching methodology and keeping our examples relevant to students as we invigorate our tutorials by keeping it fresh and pertinent to our student’s lifestyle, incorporating trending ideas to showcase Additional Mathematics as a solution to everyday life, at work or at play will help students to see why their time spent doing Additional Mathematics can be rewarding and be a good investment to them. 

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