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Free Questions with Answers. Additional Mathematics Trigonometry Proving Identities #11

Add Math Proving Identities of Trigonometry are a constant worry of students. So, we’ll try to include more of such sums for students to practice. Free downloads of the questions with answers can be found here and for our lessons, please send a message to +65 87870198.

First thing to do, memorise all the identities given to you. Yes, memorise it. Yes, it is in the formula sheet provided in the GCE O levels. But, still, memorise it. Why? Because we want to identify the identities on the fly. The moment it looks like a cat, smells like a cat, it is a cat! Yes, we want to get the instincts into our visuals. As we do the sum, we want to catch the hints immediately. Next, make the left hand side look like the right hand side. So, the answers are already there. Question half done. We just need to do the other half. No big deal.

The goal of an education is the development of utility, and the higher we utilise our faculties, the better we are at life. Gaining a good foothold of our capabilities early on and continuously expanding our boundaries helps us to navigate and succeed by instilling good habits and negating bad ones. A little push in the right direction every week causes a seismic shift in the development in students, as we evolve them to be sensitive to changes and come up with solutions as quick as possible.

Additional Mathematics is one of the 4 titans of Upper Secondary subjects, (the other 3 pure sciences making up the other aggregates) and learning it help students to pick up a lot of ancillary skills whilst attending its 2 year course and finally attempting the GCE O levels. Skills like perseverance, taking an active initiative in their own knowledge, planning and adopting good time management skills and be able to succeed in their examinations whilst achieving a good work-life balance are important for our students to acquire at such a tender age. All these self management skills are the accompanying attributes that students develop from just learning a new subject. To be given a foreign knowledge to acquire, learning its intricacies by spending time digesting, working on it, practicing and finally mastering the subject is a process that all students should turn into a habit. It is not what you learn, but how you succeed in it that makes winners in the career of life. Give a fish to a man he eats for a day, teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime. 

Have a go at our lessons. Download the practices and for physical lessons, send a message to us. +65 87870198.

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