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Additional Mathematics Questions with Answers. Free Download Cubic Equations #14

Cubics, in 3 Dimensions now. Let’s do this question from a higher level of understanding. Let’s be an Add Math A1 student. How? Well, I’m gonna do the answer better than anyone else. Ok, Cubic Equations. So every time there is a cube in an equation, we would want to be able solve it. The way is to get a factor from Factor Theorem. Then we can use long division to find the Quadratic Equation. After which, we can start using the answer to part i) to do part ii). The trick is to see the similarities between the two. First thing to master this Additional Mathematics question is by knowing how to do Sec 2 Quadratic Equations. That is the prelude to this massive question. The ideas are the same. Its just a step up to figure out what is the extra factor we need.

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