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Free Additional Mathematics Questions with Answers. Download Differentiation Minimum and Maximum Points #16

Download this Additional Mathematics paper from Chung Cheng High 2020 Prelim Papers and let’s figure out another important question. Download latest free test papers for all levels Singapore Mathematics here. This question is for you to understand minimum and maximum uses of Differentiation. Fun Fact, we use this when we doing a degree in Engineering. So its useful. Fun Fact, we also use this in Business. So even more useful. So master this… and let’s go to the races!

This Add Math question is asking students to hunt for the maximum points in the graph. And then to actually prove it is a maximum. There’s Differentiation involved so make sure of the multiple ways to differentiate functions. Then how to find stationary points in Add Math graphs. Plus how to check for maximum or minimum points of the graph.

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The next question is from St Margaret’s 2020 Additional Math Prelim question with answers checked by us. In this A Math question, we are looking for stationary values. The maximum or minimum points can be found by Differentiation when dy/dx equals zero. This is because the gradient at stationary points are zero when the curve “turns” around. This Add Math question starts easily by finding the dimensions of a rectangle in a circle. Then it asks for areas. Still ok with that part. The next part is where differentiation kicks in without asking for it. It asks for stationary values, which is the step after the differential. So sneaky this Add Math question there, eh? Makes you do more work than you were anticipating. Then of course the next question is to see if it is a maximum or minimum. If you see the drawing on this question, you can guess the question will hit a minimum as you increase x. Some of these questions are working on logic, so we can guess the outcome if we understand the mechanics of the question.

So, down to the next question we have for Add Math Trigonometric R-Formula. The question starts off asking for the perimeter. If you break down the triangle and see the lengths in terms of sin and cos. Add it all up and you have L. That is quite a straight forward Additional Mathematics trick. Next part, differentiation helps you to find the stationary point. Then solve the trigonometric equation, also another Additional Mathematics methodology. Of course, one of the points needs to be rejected as it is past a right angle, was the perimeter is a rectangle, it cannot be past 90 degrees. Of course, the last part is to find the maximum point. It is all good once you see how the graph from works with the question.

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