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Bite Size Practice Additional Mathematics #23 (R-formula)

Download our bite sized Add Math practices for R-formula here. The questions are prepared by us and we have included answers with as much information to understand the question. The best version answer available, we are here to help you all to get those A1’s in you GCE O level Add Math. Questions from local school prelim papers are prepared by us to help our students to practice by themselves and if they need help, we can go through the questions with them. But usually, you should be able to do the questions with the answers provided.

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So, down to the first question we have for Add Math Trigonometric R-Formula. The question starts off asking for the length of Corridor A in sin and cos instead. If you break down the 2 triangle you will see the lengths in terms of sin and cos. Add it all up and you have the length in sin and cos. That is quite a straight forward Additional Mathematics trick. Next part, using R-formula helps you to solve part ii). Then solve the trigonometric equation, but be careful of the range as now you have a trap, there is a negative value that falls between the range. This is also another Additional Mathematics methodology. Of course, all of the other points needs to be rejected as it is past a right angle. Of course, the last part is to find the maximum point. That occurs when cos x=1. It is all good once you see how the graph from works with the question.

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