Online Primary English Tuition

Online Primary English Tuition with our group of experienced English tutors. Online Primary level English Lessons are 1 hour duration per week working on both Paper 1 and Paper 2 of Singapore’s latest requirements of SEAB English syllabus (SEAB Subject Code 001)

Our English Tutors are experienced tutors from all walks of life and nationalities, with diverse local and international teaching styles that caters to different types of students. We understand there are a gamut of primary students and their unique studying skills. As such, we do customise our online classes to individuals, training our English students according to their discrete learning speeds as well as learning habits so that they understand the intricacies of the English language. Helping them build a strong foundation that shall be the bedrock for our students to initiate deep and satisfying communication with peers, our course helps our students to convey a multiplex of their ideas, develop deep bonds of knowledge and gain the ability to efficiently communicate and learn as required by institutions of higher learning.

Our online classes are enjoyable, serene, and appropriately paced sessions. During lessons, we will touch on all aspects of in preparation of the PSLE Examinations of Singapore. There are targets that need to be achieved in our Primary 1-6 English lessons and throughout the year. Our English students will have to reach signposts that we have set for them, as they progress, they will start connecting the dots. The more dots connected, our students will be further down the road and closer to achieving an AL1 score in the PSLE.

Our English tutors are trained in guiding our online English students to be well prepared for their examinations. But that is not all, we include components that are complementary to learning and mastering a language too. Yes, we do know examinations are part and parcel of aggregated education, but we also know it is not the be-all and end-all of education. Our English lessons are far from being straight-laced, old-fashioned English classes that raises questions from students to the necessity of an obligatory need-to-learn and if sitting there in a stifling class is going to be of relevance to their future lives. Wasting their time will seem to be obvious if we did this in an enforced, dispassionate and inaccessible way. Any red flags will hinder an education, and giving them a chance to say “No” is one major problem to a successful bid in the PSLE and their Secondary school career. As educators, the first rule is not to make them hate learning. The second rule is not to make them hate learning. The third rule is not to make them hate learning. That is the antithesis to a successful student. And if the educator is the instigator, it is the equivalent of breaking the Hippocratic oath. First, do no harm.

We work hard at making our classes informative, being up-to-date and interesting, telling riveting stories and having some fun along the way. We want our students to partake in all things learning, be active learners and also be passive learners, have them all bundled up into a charming English lesson that gives them more tools that they can lean on in the future. When our students see the value of a proper education, they gain trust in our willingness to teach them. They will partake in stimulating conversations, engage in critical thinking over topics that we touch on in lesson, and have their own reflective thoughts, all these cognitive skills that are important to make them complete students and acquire essential studying skills.

Our main aim is to have them equipped with all tools useful to build a proper life for the rest of their lives, when they look back and go, “wow! Thanks… luckily I learnt how to deal with this since young.”