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Primary 6 English Online Tuition Singapore

Primary 6 English Online Tuition Singapore

We provide Primary 6 Pri 6 P6 English Tuition Online. Track record of A* PSLE scores for years 2020 and before. Our PSLE Pri 6 P6 English Tuition Online for students that has established their foundation for English subject in Primary 5 and would like to achieve a grade of AL1 with our English training sessions that requires 1.5 hours per week for a total of 50 hours with our online English tutors.

We structure our English online lessons to include both Paper 1 and Paper 2 components of the latest MOE syllabus requirements and will train students to purchase skills that will give them the advantage to acquire a score of AL1 in the new PSLE marking scheme.

Paper 1 Components:

  • Situational Writing (15 marks)
  • Continuous Writing (40 marks)

Paper 2 Components:

  • Grammar MCQ (10 marks)
  • Vocabulary MCQ (10 marks)
  • Visual Text MCQ (8 marks)
  • Grammar Cloze MCQ (10marks)
  • Editing (12 marks)
  • Comprehension Cloze (15 marks)
  • Synthesis (10 marks)
  • Comprehension Open Ended (20 marks)

Here is a sample of an SA2 EOY paper for your reference and breakdown of our work.

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